The European Council has entrusted EICs with the task of serving as “First Stop Shops” for Community information for SMEs, which provides INFORMATION, ADVISE and ASSISTANCE to SMEs on all the subjects concerning EU enlargement, EU aquis and requirements of the process of Eurointegration. The EIC also provides feedback to the European Commission on all the matters, concerning Bulgarian SMEs..

EIC not only provides SMEs its resources and skills, but also refers them to other specialized networks or organisations when very specific assistance is required.

EIC informs

The first contacts which SMEs have with EIC is often a request for information. The Centre povides information from the information sources of the EU, aiming at facilitation the process of EU accession, as currently informs the companies about:

  • participation in programmes, initiatives and project of the EU;
  • participation in all European financing schemes, open to SMEs from the CEEC;
  • public procurement;
  • training;
  • seminars and round tables;
  • specific services, provided by other specialized networks and institutions..

EIC advises

With the support of DG XXIII and other DG of the Commission, EIC assists the adaptation of SMEs to the requirements of the integrated European market by providing competent advise and consultancy on issues, immediately affecting SMEs, such as:

  • customs regulations and procedures;
  • product certification;
  • application of European environmental standards;
  • CE marking;
  • public procurement documents;
  • application for participation in EU programmes and projects.

EIC assists

EIC is helping SMEs to position themselves in the European market. EIC provides assistance to companies in establishing business contacts with partners from the EU through:

  • organizing their participartion in events and business forums which target SMEs (EUROPARTENARIAT and INTERPRISE);
  • providing information from the specialized information systems for business contacts;
  • providing assistance in setting up and realization of Community initiatives, programmes and projects, open to SMEs;
  • organizing of workshops and round tables on matters concerning Eurointegration; regular studies of the information needs of SMEs.

EIC provides assitance in the process of harmonization of the Bulgarian technological legislation with EU acquis and of the quality infrastructure of the export goods with that of EU. The Centre regularly informs the official authorities about the information on all the matters of Eurointegration, available in EIC.