The aim of this project is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to provide assistance to prospective entrepreneurs in setting up a new business èí Greece, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania, and thus to contribute to the growth of a favourable environment in Europe to the creation of new enterprises.

Specific objectives:

  • Collecting and systemizing of reference data of interest for potential and new entrepreneurs in order to provide them with information they need for setting up their businesses
  • Activating the collaboration with Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Centres for Employment, etc. generally all the organisations able to contact the target group of potential entrepreneurs as well as BICs, IRCs and all the relevant members of EIC Network
  • Organization of 3 thematic seminars for prospective entrepreneurs, focussed on first steps to be taken in setting up a new business;
  • Sharing all the useful collected data with other participant EICs in order to carry out an unique “Guidance Chart for New Entrepreneurs”, a short “Vademecum” in English language divided in 13 sections, one per EIC Partner, 13 schematic tables containing technical information on how to set up a new enterprise, as well as containing useful address, contact details, links to web sites, etc
  • Publishing of a “Guidance Chart for new entrepreneurs” in each EIC web site in order to assure its promotion over the widest possible range of users
  • Making the Guidance Chart available for the overall EC Network