ELIOS is an Integrated Plan for the development of the Bulgarian Public Administration. The project particularly aims at implementing a new organisational and managerial system of the involved Chambers of Commerce through the Cooperation with both local and national institutions, while improving the structure, the management and the organisation of the administrative procedures and the start-up of Assistance Centres for SMEs. As “a small experiment”, ELIOS project intends to experiment a new model of bureaucratic-administrative simplification of the procedures, which are important for both the local and the entrepreneurial development of small local areas, where the relation between entrepreneur and public administration occurs in a direct way.


  • Revitalising the local economic system and its development trying to use the best Italian and regional entrepreneurial practise;
  • Supporting the local public administration with particular reference to the business activities and entrepreneurial development ;
  • S upporting the development of SME ;
  • Creating stable conditions for the cooperation between the Bulgarian and the Italian economical system.

Lead partner
Regional province of Enna

EUROCONSULT p.s.c.a.r.l.of Enna is the Italian partner which will co-operate for the implementation of the project in its technical and practical parts


  • Sofia Chamber of commerce
  • Dobrich Chamber of commerce
  • Yambol Chamber of commerce
  • Vratsa Chamber of commerce
  • Veliko Tarnovo Chamber of commerce
  • Municipalities of Dobrich, Yambol, Vratsa, V.Tarnovo