9-10.03.2000 - Seminar for journalists - Lovetch

On 9th-10th March 2000 in the town of Lovetch a seminar was organized attended by over 20 journalists from national, regional and local media. It took the form of a discussion, in which every participant could express his opinion and ask questions to the lecturers - representatives of the Delegation of the European Commission, the Directorate "European Integration" at the Council of Ministers, the Institute for European Studies and the Euro Info Centres Network. A lot of topical issues were discussed - the challenges for Bulgaria in the process of accession to the European Union, the progress made in the negotiations, the procedures for applying for the European Programmes, the activities and the aims of the Euro Info Centres in Bulgaria and Europe, the role of the journalists for the adequate interpretation of these issues and also the real problems of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria.