15.07.2003 - Meeting of the EU Club with the Italian Ambassador Gian B. Campagnola

On 15.07.2003 the Euro Info Centre at the BCCI organized a meeting of the EU Club with the Ambassador of Italy H.E. Gian B. Campagnola on the occasion of the assuming of the presidency of the EU by Italy. The meeting was also attended by the ambassadors of Belgium, Finland, Romania, UK, Cyprus.

The message of the programme of the Italian Presidency is "Europe - Citizens of a shared dream". The Italian Ambassador presented the main priorities of the programme that are:

  1. The Intergovernmental Conference
    On the basis of the decisions of the Thessalonica European council, the Italian presidency intends to convene the intergovernmental conference by October and will arrange for it to complete its work as early as possible.

  2. The European Economy
    The Italian Presidency will devote great attention to the pursuit of the objectives set by the Lisbon strategy, which aims to make the European economy the most dynamic in the world by 2010. The central pivot of this line of action will be more effective support for the economy by increasing public investment in Europe with the aid of the synergetic intervention of the relevant European financial institutions.

  3. Towards "Greater Europe"
    The main objective is to complete the great process of European "unification"; but it is also to enable a more appropriate distribution of the specific weight of the Union, shifting its present axis towards the southern regions of the continent and extending a greater involvement in the decision-making processes to the countries of the Western Balkans, which have gone through a time of suffering and which are a fundamental part of Europe.

  4. Europe's presence in the World
    Europe must become a strong, authoritative figure at international level: it must learn to speak with one voice and intervene in the main crisis areas of the planet in a spirit of open and fruitful cooperation with the United States, in order to maintain security and peace in the world. To achieve this, Europe must also equip itself with sufficient capabilities in the field of defense, in a relationship of perfect synergy and not antagonism with the institutions of the Atlantic Alliance.

  5. Security of citizens The Italian Presidency will also work to improve the security of European citizens. The fight against international terrorism must be accompanied by effective measures to combat transnational crime and illegal immigration, with the reinforcement of EUROPOL, and by constant and coordinated control of external borders; by laying down common rules on asylum; by stepping up cooperation arrangements with the countries of origin or transit of the migration flows; and by improving cooperation between Member States on matters relating to visas.