09.01.2003 - Meeting of the EU Club with the Greek Ambassador Prokopios Mantzouranis

On 09.01.2003 the Euro Info Centre at the BCCI organized a meeting of the EU Club with the Ambassador of Greece H.E. Prokopios Mantzouranis on the occasion of the assuming of the presidency of the EU by Greece. The meeting was also attended by the Chief Negotiator for Bulgaria Mrs. Meglena Kuneva, the Head of the Delegation of the EC to Bulgaria H.E. Dimitris Kourkoulas and the Ambassador of Denmark H.E. Christian Faber-Rod.

The message of the programme of the Greek Presidency is "Our Europe - Sharing the Future as a Community of Values". The Greek Ambassador presented the main priorities of the programme that are: 1. Enlargement: the Accession Treaty and the day after; 2. The Lisbon Process: competitiveness, cohesion and sustainability; 3. Immigration/Asylum: joint responsibility, comprehensive immigration policy; 4. The Future of Europe: the Outcome of the Convention; 5. External relations: the new Europe as an international motor for peace and cooperation.

The results of the Copenhagen Summit and their impact on the development of the business community in Bulgaria were also discussed.