14.06.2000.-A presentation of the National Euroclub was held in Stara Zagora . The event is organized within the framework of the Promotional Campaign of the EICs' network in Bulgaria.

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The main organizer is the EIC in Stara Zagora hosted by Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Guests of the event were the Chairman of the CCI, Mr Mitko Dinev, the District Manager, Mr Radomir Enev and the both Vice-District Managers, Mr Petar Rahmanliev and Mr. Evgenii Jekov, the Vice-Major of the town, Europe export-oriented companies, journalists, representatives of NGOs.
As a supporting event it was organized a presentation of two European Programs targeting Bulgaria's pre-accession preparation. These were the "Special Preparatory Program for Bulgaria" (SPP) by Mr George Tzekuras, aiming to assist the country to develop the institutions required for adhesion to the EU and "The Regional Policy Support Project"by Mr Malcalm Ross, aiming to increase the effectiveness of the national development policy.
All present participants became members of the Euroclub and expressed their willingness to support and assist the Euroclub initiatieves.
The regional members of the Ćuroclub decided to hold session each month or by occasion in order to discuss up-to-date problems and issues of the European integration.