03.07.2001 - Meeting of the EU Club at the BCCI with the Belgian Ambassador Edmond De Wilde

"The unproblematic introduction of the euro will be the main task during the Belgian presidency of the EU", said Ambassador Edmond de Wilde at the meeting, organized by the EU Club at the BCCI. The Ambassador presented the programme of the Belgian presidency and its priorities. According to him, it was of special importance for the Bulgarian business circles to become acquainted with the new instruments for the introduction of the single European currency.

The protection of the outer borders of the EU of 25 countries is the other common task of the present member-countries and applicant countries. According to the Belgian Ambassador, in this way international crime, drugs smuggling and illegal traffic of people will be actively counteracted. In support of this initiative, the EU is discussing the establishment of a new body EUROJUST that will operate also in the 25 future members of the community. The aim of this institution will be to prevent the non-observance of national legislation in the individual countries, explained Mr. de Wilde, and added that Bulgaria will take an active part in the preparation.

Another new body on the food products, will be also established during the Belgian presidency. This subject is very topical now after the "mad cow" crisis, which imposes its creation. It will operate similarly to the American food administration and will guarantee the safety and quality of foods in the European Union.

"Of special importance to us are the issues of stability in the economy, the accelerated negotiations with the EU and the retention of young people in Bulgaria", said BCCI President Bojidar Bojinov. "The change of leadership in Bulgaria coincided with that in the EU and we expect new moments, both within the European community and in our internal development", added Mr. Bojinov. He said that he expected an intensification of the bilateral business relations. Belgium ranks second on the list of foreign investors with nearly USD 400 mln., comprising 10.5 % of the total investments in Bulgaria.